Light Disc Heart with discount.


This disc is discounted because it has not become completely round. But that doesn’t change how it works

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It is time to be free again and to start live from the heart again. The heart is the compass, let it guide you. You are the universe! Be you!

Currently there are four unique discs of light available in collaboration with Anja de Vaal.

Each light disc comes with a QR-code, a link where I do a guided activation video. ( Dutch)

Living from the heart again, and the world will look so different. Living from the soul. Often we still have patterns and layers within ourselves so that we cannot get to the heart completely and the head often takes over. Surviving modus. While you will live in trust from the heart.
Light language is multidimensional and tackles the pieces at the core. Sit with the disc of light, open your heart, connect, and set your intention to heal pieces in the heart. Feel and experience what is happening. Light is intelligent. With this you can transform the pieces that you still run into. Feel the unconditional flow from your heart. Because that is you, beyond all the layers.

The final product.
Because it is manual work, there may be small imperfections in the end product, this does not affect the operation. Each orgonite is a unique item and can therefore differ slightly from the photo.

Diameter: 10 cm, Thickness 2 cm.

The light discs are without shipping costs.

Weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm
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