You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!


I believe that it is possible, that every human being can be free from blockages of the mind, blockages in the body that can make you sick, or are holding you back through fear. Old emotions that keep showing up with different faces and different names.

It is time to be free and to become who you really want to be in life. Because there are no limits. Only in the mind. Connect with the heart. That is where the magic happens.

What you can expect from me

During the healing you can expect a soul on soul healing. I tune in on your own unique energy. Your energy shows your patterns, patterns that keep you running into the same situations. Over and over again. Energy is information. We store everything in our energy system and body. With which we often stay in the past. Because of that, there is not always room for new things and experiences.

What do I offer:

All healing can be done remotely or in person.

Chakra clearing – clearing the 3D chakras. Process of several days. Very much depends on the person how many days. In the chakras you store old emotions, which creates blockages. These blockages are also food for entities and energetic parasites. In addition, I activate all the 5D chakras, so that everything can go together. This way you create 1 large field of light with all your light bodies, and you will be able to work with the 5D chakra system. We are light, energy, vibration and geometry.

Healing with removing timelines. Many issues in this life go much further back than this life. If you tackle the problem at the source, the healing will be much faster.
We are programming a new reality so there is no room for the old programming. Physical complaints can disappear. You can compare our energy system a bit with a computer system. You can erase the hard drive and download a totally new reality.

Remove old contracts with all kinds of beings, souls and people.

Light Language activations. Check out my You Tube channel for free activations.

Remove implants. There are implants to prevent growth. Making sure that we cannot send out our light and tell our truth. So we stay in a lower vibration. There are beings that feed on your lower vibrational energy.
Implants can also be part of your programming. Society, your parents, your family, the people around you, etc. have programmed you too. That is more on a subconsious level. Once you are aware of it, you can make a decision. Do you choose to be free?

And everything that comes to the surface can be transformed. Depends on what the soul shows me.

I work with a large team of extraterrestials, nature beings / elements, (unicorns, dragons) angels and my own light body to help you in the best way possible. I work with geometry and colors. Everything is energy. If you work with it, everything can be transformed. What you can think of, is already truth. It is only a matter of ensuring that you match the frequency with what you want. That can be with anything. With health but also with attracting the partner, friends, money and other wishes. We are so powerful, but many of us have forgotten that. I would like to help you remember that things can be different, and that you are the master of your life. Only you determine the course.

With Love,

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