About me

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About me

As a child I knew that there is more than this 3D reality. I saw and heard spirits. I felt all these energies around me.
When I was a child I often brought lost entities home with me. They followed my light. That is very common for children. They knew I was able to communicate with them.
For me it was very confusing and scary at the time. But again very normal.
When healing came into my life, I knew for sure that I have been led there. I love doing it! It was like coming home for me.
Working with so many kinds of energies and beautiful beings, who want to help us. A healing is a great gift that I can share with someone.
Not only because I can get the other person back on track, but at the same time I heal myself. I learn something new every time.

So thank you for that!


Healing & Reading – Mens en Intuïtie (Human and Intuition)
Reiki 1, 2 and 3a method of The Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing
Kundalini Reiki
Several mediumship trainings at NIMIS
Nimis Trance Healing Method at NIMIS
Arthur Findlay College Mediumship Development

Light language has become a big part of my healing work. This is a language that heals on soul level. It always heals, even though the head does not understand what is happening.
We are energy / vibration. We constantly exchange information with each other.
Light language contains a vibration and a frequency that, as it were, talks to you. It activates and goes where it is needed. Light is intelligent, and does find the way to where it should be.
Open your heart and trust it!

Light language comes in many forms for me:

– Drawing
-Hand movements

Never be scared to go deeper in healing. You will notice that you are so much more then having a human body. There are worlds beyond worlds. Start the adventure exploring your true self! You will never be bored again!

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