About me

I am Rowena, a certified Healer.

As a child I always knew there is more than this 3D reality. I saw and heard spirits. I felt and still feel all the energies around me. I always brought spirits home with me when I was little. They followed my light. My mom always had to remove them for me, because I was so afraid. Years ago healing came into my life. I believe I’ve been guided to it. I really love it! Working with all these different kind of energies and lovely beings, who always want to help. A healing is the greatest gift I can give someone. Not only because I can help the other person heal, but also because I’m healing and learning too.

So thank you for that!


Healing & Reading – Mens en Intu├»tie (Human and Intuition)
Reiki 1, 2 and 3a method of The Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing
Kundalini Reiki
Several mediumship trainings at NIMIS
Nimis Trance Healing Method at NIMIS
Arthur Findlay College Mediumship Development
Star Magic Facilitator training 1
Star Magic Facilitator training 2

Besides that, a lot of self healing have given me many insights. I am able to work with crystals, geometry and different colors energy. I don’t work alone. I am also guided by guides, angels, extraterrestials and other lovely beings.