You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!



Trusting yourself. (healing)

Inner child healing

Dragon Energy

Open your heart and receive.

Calling your own energy back

Surrender and let go

Step outside the box

Webinar healing from 10/10

Animal Healing

Healing Fear

Light Language healing

Healing Cell Memory Meditation

Open your heart and listen

My experience – entities 2

My experience- entities.

Healing hoax

Light language healing

Walk the talk!


Heal from within

My experiences so far: A journey, I must say. Not an easy road to take. Layer after layer. Healing after healing. Up and down. More ups now than downs.

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If you want to talk to your loved ones who have passed away, I will tell you that it is possible. You only have to open yourself for the idea and listen.

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Tell me: what does fear tell you?

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Working with my guides is an amazing ride to be on. I have been close to my guides for over a year now.

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Light Language

Light language comes from the heart. It is pure love. Pure healing. It heals with vibration, with sound and love.

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What I noticed on my journey is that healing is not linear. It is going up and down. One step further and maybe two steps back. And going up again.

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