You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!


The products you find here are all self-created and all carry a specific and unique vibration that I have channeled especially for you.
You can order via the contact form or via info@healtobefree.com


Recharge yourself quickly. You can with this free template. Especially in this time it is important to come back to yourself. Download and print it. The idea is to stand on it with your bare feet. And let the download begin. Also great to start the day with.
Link: https://www.healtobefree.com/wooord/files/Supercharge-1.pdf


Activation light language deck

The cards are packed with activations on different layers. It goes beyond the head. The colors on the cards also play an important role. Surrender and let go.
Step back into your power with these cards. You can use them with crystals or activate others. You intuitively know what to do. You will always know. It is in your heart!
33 cards and 3 bonus cards + explanation Dutch or English.

Payment PayPal or by bank (invoice).
The deck costs 28 euros. Excluding shipping. Worldwide shipping

Order now via info@healtobefree.com.

Letter from the soul.

It’s time to get to know ourselves better. To be able to live from the soul again. To view ourselves from the soul. And understand why your life looks like this right now. What does the soul want to share with you? Are there any changes you can make that allow you to live your soul purpose more?
This letter, channeled by me and my spirit team, will answer these questions. Your soul, your experience. You are the universe, it is time to start living this again. Mastery of your life, through a better connection with your soul.
Who or what are you really? Your story.
Now for € 30, –

Register: info@healtobefree.com, or with the contactform

Healing stickers

(Also available as mini cards)

Stickers with a healing code. These codes are all programmed separately, and will do their job after your personal activation. See the description of what these stickers can mean for you.
Costs and description.

Light code/healing drawings/posters

Light code poster / drawings.
These come with personal activations.
1.The heart
2. Abundance
3. Connection
4. Heart and lungs
5. Solar plexus and crown.

Now for € 15! Excl. Shipping costs.

I will give you an activation healing of your choice (from the drawing).

I can make you a personal drawing
for € 18.50. (excl. shipping costs)
I tune into your energy, and give you an activation download from the drawing that fits your energy at that time.

You can channel the energy of the drawing, when it feels right and meditate on it with an open heart.

Orgonite piramid & light language drawing

The pyramid and the drawing are in tune with your unique energy.
I tune in on your energy, and let my intuition guide me. The drawing can be used for meditation or to charge crystals.
There are many ways in which this drawing, can do its job.
If you have any questions about it, please let me know.

For example:

€ 45 excl. Shipping costs. Within Europe

Light language cards

New in the shop!
Personalized light codes card.
Extra Downloaded with crystals.
Feel these energies running through your body. Talking to you on a soul level. € 35,-

Comes with a light language recording. So you can listen and stare at it at the same time. Always written with a personal message (small reading) . Dutch or English 💛🙏

Shipping from Holland. Excl shipping costs.

All included VAT.