Skull – Killian


A true alfa. Killian is a space holder.

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A true alfa. Killian is a space holder, a leader: the kind who would do anything for his “pack”. He needs to have a proper overview, therefor think of placing him on a shelf or maybe on the top of a cupboard. Besides being up high he also prefers to be near an altar. He does not need to be actively included in it, as long as he is close. Killian might be demanding in regards of his environment, but he will give so much back once he finds his home. He will be your guardian and your friend. Besides, his flat surface is perfect to charge your crystals on. Don’t have crystals or do you already have the perfect spot to charge them on? Then maybe a lovely candle will look great on Killian.

Everything is hand made, so may show imperfections.


Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6,5 × 5 cm
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