You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!


During my sessions I work with light-language, angels, and source energy.
I work a lot with the energy from different planets and beings from these stars and planets.
It is a healing from the heart, soul to soul.

An appointment can be made with me, by sending me a message through the contact page or Facebook.

Distance however doesn’t exist when working with energy. This healing is just as powerful, as a healing in person.

It is all done with respect and love. I respect your privacy.
Everything said and done will remain within the sessions.


Now 15% discount on the first healing!

Healing session in person with feedback and a ligh language recording: €75,-

Distance Healing:

A healing and an email afterwards, explaining what I did in the healing, any aftercare and questions, with light language recording. € 75 ,-
House cleansing € 75,- with reading about what happened during the cleansing.
Group distance healing € 25,- see the Facebook account when there is one.

Chakra release

Package 13 days € 125,- (distance healing)

Orgonite Piramid & Light Language drawing

This pyramid and drawing are made, with tuning into your unique energy/vibration. I tune in on your energy, and let my intuition guide me. The drawing can be used for meditation or to charge crystals. There are many ways in which this drawing can do its job. If you have any questions about it, please let me know.

€ 45 excl. Shipping costs. I send it within Europe.

Charges are VAT included. The payment is in cash or by bank transfer. Payments by card are not possible. The invoice will be sent to your email afterwards. Payments for the distance healing is by bank transfer and/or Paypal. Cancellation has to be a minimal of 24 hours notice. After that I have to charge you the costs of the session.

You can pay with IBAN, Invoice, Paypal or Revolut

Also please see the terms and conditions.


I’m a healer and not a doctor. You should always go and see a doctor if you feel you should. Never just stop using prescribed medicines. My healing can touch you emotionally, so ask yourself are you ready for it mentally?
No refund policy.