You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!


Posted on October 12th 2018

If you want to talk to your loved ones who have passed away, I will tell you that it is possible. You only have to open yourself for the idea and listen.

Not listening as in hearing but sit still and feel. Sometimes a name pops up in your head. That means that the person is there with you. Sometimes they can appear in your dreams. Also an easy way to communicate with you. Maybe you smell a specific parfum or flower, which represents your loved one. There are so many ways spirits can make themselves noticed.

The easiest way is using electronics. It is a type of energy spirits easily can tap into. Radio, lights, computer, phones and anything you can think of.

Sit down and create a safe environment. Sit down with the intention that you want to talk to your loved one and try to listen/notice the changes around you. If you feel scared, ask your angels and guides with you for protection, or just don’t sit for the moment. Everything is intention and fear is one too. Fear can attract negative energies.

If the person doesn’t feel right for you, tell this person to go and to respect you as a human being. If it is a loved one, he or she will respect you and leave your space, unless it is really important message. But you are the boss, you make the rules, if it is done with love and respect for everything that is and will be, then there is nothing to worry about.

I am happy to help you out with the messages from your loved ones. I have a passion for telling the story of the person who isn’t on this phyical plane anymore. They still have a voice and a story to tell. They have the same love (or even more love, because the human ego is released after leaving the vessel). They are still with you, and I love to tell you that too. It isn’t something scary like in movies. Not everything you can’t see or prove is bad.

With Love,

Note: not always will the loved one come through who you want to talk to. This could be for several reasons. Sometimes the person you want to talk to will come later in the session because the energy needs to build up for a stronger contact. Spirits who come through first will help with channeling and will help to get clearer messages.

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