Posted on January 17th 2018

What I noticed on my journey is that healing is not linear. It is going up and down. One step further and maybe two steps back. And going up again.

When you think: I have cleared a blockage, another one might show up. Only this time on a deeper layer. We keep on going as if we are peeling off an onion. Layer after layer. Making them all disappear, transforming them into something new. And at the end of the ride, there is just YOU.

Healing is a road you take when you are ready to face what is hidden inside of you. Once you’ve made the choice, keep on going. But take your time. Enjoy, have fun with it too.

At the end of the day the blockage or patterns you see are all gifts. Because now you know what you can work on. It is a beautiful journey to be on. You will discover so much about yourself. Even about others. Because if you understand yourself, you will understand the world. The world is your mirror. Your workingplace. Your playground. Every creation in your world comes from within. Pay attention and you will see.

With Love,