You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!

Heal from within

Posted on March 3rd 2019

My experiences so far:

A journey, I must say. Not an easy road to take. Layer after layer. Healing after healing. Up and down. More ups now than downs.

Healing family patterns, ancestral behavours. Al these patterns are a part of you too. All these patterns go way back. A lot of times we aren’t even aware that we are running an old pattern. An old programme hidden in our subconsiousness. Once you see the patterns, there can be a change.

It is being aware in the moment. Feel what you are feeling right now. Seeing patterns comes with falling and getting up again. For me it is a long line of women who have had no chance in the world of the man. Domination and control. The male energy in the past that was used in a controlling and unhealthy way. The church that persecuted witches. The man who had control in the relationships because they thought there was no other way. It was all programmed by this dominant hand that we do not see. We keep it alive because of these old memories and pain that we have brought with us. I am glad to say that breaking patterns and habits is possible.

It is a process, once you are in it. You will understand more about what is happening around you because it all comes from within. Knowing why people do what they do. You can only act in the consciousness that you have at that moment. You can not respond in a different consciousness than you are in the moment. Different perspectives, different dimensions.

Besides that there is an bigger consiousness around each theme that we are in. ( Collective mind)A different programme that runs the same. A layer of expectations of this theme and roll play. And we think that is real. But that’s not the truth. The truth is that we are love and light. Having an experience on earth. Everything is an experience after experience. Nothing exist between that. It is you creating your truth.

You are creating the future now, and the future doesn’t exist yet. It is a moment. You are living in the future from the past self. You are living in the past from the future you. You are just in the moment. Enjoy that. There is nothing else. Ans still everything exists at the same time.

We are all part of each other. We came from the same source. We all go back to the same source. That is what energy is. Energy transforms and always find the way back. Time doesn’t matter, because there is no time in energy form. We are playing this game so long now. We are learning so much to take home again.

For me, experiencing the depth of the soul is the greatest thing I can feel. The feeling of being nothing and everything at the same time. In that silence the creation began. We can also create from those silences. There is nothing that you can not imagine and that can not be true. Otherwise you would not even be able to imagine it. Each story has its own pattern to learn from. I love stories because there is so much you can read between the lines. Always read between the lines. There is so much more behind the words. There is silence. There is a truth, there is nothing and there is still so much happening.

Do not forget that we are magical beings. We are so brave to be here. Roll the dice yourself this time and do not let yourself be played.

Trust the flow, trust your heart. That’s the only thing that counts. Take good care of yourself. If you do so others will follow. Because it is all energy. The collective mind is changing, because that is energy too. It is already happening. Love yourself, and one day we all be able to love ourselfs too.

Lead by example. Be you.

With love,


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