Posted on February 26th 2018

Working with my guides is an amazing ride to be on. I have been close to my guides for over a year now.

So much love. So much wisdom. And amazing healings.

I am grateful to work with my team (my soulgroup). Every person has their own unique team. You represent them here on earth.

Your guides love you. They know you, maybe even better than you know yourself. Your guides have chosen to be with you while you are experiencing this human adventure. Doesn’t that make you feel special? They could be anywhere they want to be, and they chose to be with you! That alone fills my heart with joy.

Everybody is able to work with their guides. Just start to talk to them. In your head, or even out loud. Ask them questions. They always answer. You just have to listen and be alert. It can come as a knowing. Or you hear somebody on the street talk about it. Maybe you hear it in a song. You find it in article, or a new book. Maybe you already developed your clairaudience, or other abilities. You can sit down, relax your mind and body. Invite them to come closer. Feel their love. Open your heart to them. If you allow yourself to trust these lovely beings the magick will happen. I promise you!

And we are not the only ones who need to learn. Our guides are still learning too. You can have many guides throughout your life: it depends on your spiritual journey and what you want to learn next.

With Love,

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