You are the universe.
Be you!

You are the universe. Be you!


Posted on February 26th 2018

Tell me: what does fear tell you?

Fear is the voice in your head telling you:

Why is fear talking so much? Why do we even listen to it?

Fear wants to control you. In a way fear wants to protect us so we don’t get hurt by trying new things. But where is the adventure in that? Where is the fun in holding back? When fear is talking to us, we need to listen. It has a message. It tells us an old pattern is still there. Where is this fear coming from? Do I need this fear in my life? Feel and ask questions. And then let go. Don’t hold on to the fear. It is not who you are. Fear has controlled humanity for so long now. Is it not time now to say goodbye to it?

Fear needs fuel to remain. So why don’t you feed it with love, until you find it to be an echo from the past, no longer serving you.

It is time to break free from all these old patterns. Step up, claim your right to be free. To be whoever you want to be. We humans are powerful! We have forgotten who we are.

Remember! It is in your DNA. It is in your blue print.

Fear is energy. We can’t destroy energy, but we can change it into LOVE. Create a new reality instead of fighting the old one. The only thing is NOW, there is nothing else.

Remember who you are!

With love,

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